These are quotes said by Klubba.

Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest

First Meeting

  • "Now' ear this, landlubbers! Me name is Klubba an' to cross me bridge is gonna cost yer many pieces o' eight!"
  • "An' if yers don't pay up, I'll run yer through like the scurvy dogs ye are, A-harrr! It costs 15 Kremkoins to cross over, mateys."

Entering his kiosk

  • "Stop right there ye scummy swabs! Step on me toll bridge an' I'll throw ye overboard!"
  • "Avast there! Touch me horde o' gold 'ere' an' I'll slice ye in two!"
  • "Splice me maonbrace, it's the monkeys I hope yers got enough booty this time, or ye'll walk the plank!"
  • "It's twenty lashes wi' the cat o' nine tails for ye if I don't get me booty this time, y filthy apes!"
  • "A-harrrr! 'Tis the flea ridden gorillas again! Pay the toll, or ye'll suffer a plenty, I promisse ye!"
  • "Let's see yer dubloons, ye mangy apes!"
  • "Shiver me timbers! Where's me loot? Cos if I don't get none, ye don't cross over, mateys!"
  • "Scurvy chimps ahoy! C'mom ye yellowbellies. Try an' cross Klubba's bridge without payin. I dare ye!"

No Coins or expel

  • "Get lost and fetch me lots more treasure, y' scurvy dogs!"
  • "I'll wrap me club around yer moth eaten heads if yer don't pay every last one!"
  • "Har! Har! Har! Y'must be jokin if I'm gonna let ye across fer that lousy loot!"
  • "That's not enough, y' banana-scoffing, scummy landlubbers!"
  • "Try that again an' it's Davy Jones's locker f' ye! A-harrh!"
  • "What's wrong with ye? Our bonus rooms must be too hard for y' flea bitten chimps t' find."
  • "Ye'll taste me club if yo don't get some more!"
  • "Ye'll 'ave t' find me more n' that to pass!"

After paying

  • "Feel free t' use me barrel when ye like, mateys!"
  • "Thanks for the booty. Yer me best mateys now!"
  • "'Tis me ape mates! The barrel is all yours!"
  • "Step this way, friends! I've polished the bridge just for ye!"
  • "Ahoy there me monkey mateys! Fare ye well on this fine day!"
  • "If yers get into any trouble, Klubba 'ere will 'elp ye out!"
  • "Over here, Kongs! The Kremling 'Lost World' awaits ye!"
  • "Kap'n K. Rool treats us rotten. I hope yer scupper his plans!"

Leaving the kiosk

  • "Come back and face me, yellow bellied dogs!"
  • "Don't come back, y' scurvy dogs!"
  • "I'll be waiting right 'ere, y' flea bitten monkeys!"
  • "I hope I never see you again!"
  • "Come back when you want a beating. Har! Har!"
  • "You'll never beat us Kremlings this time!" (GBA version)
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