Bag a Bug
Klubba's Kiosk was a toll bridge that served as Klubba's residence found all across Crocodile Isle, except for Gangplank Galleon and Flying Krock (because are vehicles).


This kiosk was tool cabin built in swamp near a forest being compound with wood, bamboo, iron roof written TOLL, white sign board written Pay, list inside of cabin and boxing equipment. Like most of Kremling places, this property is completely messy with tools, barrels, chest, tires, sword and oil drum that just pollute swamp.


After rescue Donkey Kong in second game, was this place that Diddy and Dixie were in Lost World. The function of this place is the visitors pay toll with 15 Kremkoins for Klubba and enter to Golden Barrel. At the end of game, this kiosk along with the rest of island is swallowed by sea.


Diddy and Dixie have either three options when visiting this kiosk:

  • Pay 15 Kremkoins: Diddy and Dixie pay fifteen Kremkoins, they can enter the Golden Barrel.
  • Fight Him: Klubba will hit Diddy and Dixie with his cudgel out of the screen.
  • Run Away: Diddy and Dixie exit Klubba's Kiosk.
  • Bag a Bug: This game is exclusive to only the Game Boy Advance version where Diddy and Dixie must pay five Banana Coins to play the mini-game. Here, Diddy is the playable character and he must catch the amount of bugs needed to catch before time runs out to win. There will also be Klubba trying to attack Diddy.
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