Klevar is one of the seven Star Spirits and the sixth one to be saved in Paper Mario. His name comes from the word "clever", thereby saying that he is clever.


Paper Mario


At the beginning of the game Klevar appears in the Star Sanctuary with the other Star Spirits guarding the Star Rod. Bowser appears and steals it, and uses the rod to imprison Klevar and the others in the shape of playing cards. Klevar is handed over to Huff n' Puff in Flower Fields.

Description: Klevar is male, yellow star spirit. Although his gender is male, his lavender-purple, ribbon-like mouth and undersized purple cheeks makes him more female than just male. He also wears burnt-sienna brown book to know that he is very clever and smart.


Later on Mario manages to reach Cloudy Climb and defeat Huff n' Puff. Mario touches Klevar in his card form releasing him and ending the chapter. Klevar thanks Mario, and gives him the power of "Time Out" which stops time temporarily. He then ascends back into Star Haven.

A Star Powered Showdown

Klevar appears again with Mario and the other Star Spirits to fight Bowser. Mario can choose his time out ability or use the Star Beam. Bowser uses a machine that power him up even greater preventing the Star Beam to undo the Star Rod's power on Bowser. Peach wishes for the beam to be even stronger turning it into the Peach Beam. Mario defeats Bowser and has Peach's castle returns to the ground the Star Spirits go back to Star Haven and later appear in the ending parade.

Mario Party 5

In Mario Party 5, Klevar explains the game's various modes. He also appears in the Rainbow Dream board where he asks players if they want to cross the rainbow bridge for 5 Coins.

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