The Kittarihattari is a Demon Beast who appears in Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. (more specifically The Fofa Factor) It is a robot who can cut any foe it faces into two with the Moon Staff. These halves are actually the original version of the character (tinted one hue) and their gender-bender version (tinted the opposite hue), as seen when Kirby and King Dedede are split up. It can also fuse characters together with another rod, the Sun Staff, though it usually does this to mix them up. The Kittarihattari is defeated when Cutter Kirby slices its body in two with his Final Cutter, causing the Demon Beast's corpse to explode 20 seconds later and destroying the staves it carries. The staves take their design from Mr. Shine and Mr. Bright.

Names in Other Languages

  • Spanish: Cortar y Pegar (Lit. To cut and paste)
  • Portuguese: Fatiar e Misturar (Slice and splice)
  • French: Descouper e Espisser (Slice and splice)
  • Italian: Tagliare e Incollare (Cut and paste)


  • The Kittarihattari is the first Demon Beast that can speak, though, like Lola, it is mouthless.
  • The Kittarihattari's name means "cut and paste" in Japanese.
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