Kiryl (formerly Cristo) is a character and party member from Dragon Quest IV. He is a retainer to Tsarevna Alena and a priest-in-training.



Kiryl has a green overcoat and a white undershirt. He wears the traditional priest hat as well as an orange scarf. On his back, he carries a long sword.

Examining Kiryl's room shows that he obviously has a crush on Tsarevna Alena, but she seems completely oblivious. He is also shown to be very loyal to the tsarevna/princess, as he and Borya rush after her when she escapes. Aside from that, Kiryl is diligent and committed to becoming Zamoksva's priest. Case in point, his room contains many religious books.

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  • Kiryl is infamous for continuously casting Whack and Thwack during boss battles in the NES version (where he, along with every other party member other than the hero, were controlled by AI alone) despite the fact that all bosses are immune (as these spells usually cause instant death). This was referenced in the Dragon Quest Heroes games, where Kiryl's special attack is him trying (unsuccessfully) to cast Thwack multiple times before casting Kathwack.

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