​Kiria Kurono ​is a playable character from Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE. She's a well-known idol that works with Fortuna Entertainment and a Mirage Master with Tharja as her Mirage.


Kiria is a famous twenty-one year old Idol. She’s also referred to as the “cool beauty,” but not many people know her personally and her private life is a secret. As a senior to Itsuki and the others, she often aids them both as Mirage Masters and in the entertainment industry. Her stage name is KIRIA. Her birthday is July 12.

She's first seen in the prologue saving Itsuki, Tsubasa, and Touma from an ambush and later invites them to her SIV-LIVE concert due to Tsubasa struggling with her lessons. When a Mirage attack happens she's quickly put out of commission protecting Tsubasa. After Ayaha is saved Kiria officially joins the team.

During her side quests, Kiria confides in Itsuki that she actually has a soft spot for cute things. She tried to hide her affections due to fear of being mocked as her imposing image wouldn't gel with being cute. At first she tries to kill her love for anything cute by attacking cute Mirages in the Idolasphere, but finds she's incapable of doing so. Tharja chides Kiria for being so insecure and tells her that she should be herself and not be petrified by others' opinions of her.

In her third side quest, she's booked for doing a duet with Tsubasa, but is unsure of how she can act cute. Tharja then leads them to a pair of Mirage Golems she made named Bord and Cord which they'll practice charming. Unfortunately they're hostile and they're forced to fight them. Afterwards she tells Tharja that she finds her to be her ideal partner, making Tharja chuckle gleefully before teasing Kiria about her attraction to Itsuki.

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