Kirby Super Star Ultra (JP) is a remake of the SNES classic Kirby Super Star for the Nintendo DS and is the third Kirby game to be released for the console. It features all of the games within the game from the SNES title though features new ones as well such as "Revenge of the King" and "Meta Knightmare Ultra".

One of them allows you play as Meta Knight through the entire game, while the other is a "darker and harder" version of one of the original sub-games, Spring Breeze. It also features three touch controlled mini games that can be played with up to three other players.

The games can be played cooperatively as well.


In Kirby Super Star Ultra, the player can play through a variety of sub games, each with its own story and CG movies (the latter new to the game).

In all, there are thirteen games, whereas the original only had eight. Three of the new games are mini-games that can be played with computer or player controlled characters.

In one of the new games, the player can play as Meta Knight in all of the other games present. In the Arena, the player will have to defeat every boss in the game, similar to what was done in the boss mode of Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Meta Knightmare Ultra

In this game mode, which is new to the title, the player plays as Meta Knight and conquer every stage in the game that they've already played through.

Because Meta Knight is not Kirby, he can not copy enemies' abilities. Rather, he'll have to make do with what he has - his powerful sword, incomparable agility and ability to call for helpers, special attacks and automatically regain health by pressing their respective button on the touch screen.

The player can execute these touch screen based moves by attacking enemies. Each button costs a certain amount of energy, so the player will have to make sure they have enough energy before executing your attack. All regular food items are removed, and Maxim Tomatoes turn into regular food items.

Fights In The Arena

Great Cave Offensive Items





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