Kirby Squeak Squad, also called Kirby: Squeak Squad and known in Europe as Kirby: Mouse Attack, is a 2006 game in the Kirby series, announced at E3 2006 and released later that year and is the second Kirby game to be released for the Nintendo DS. This is also the second Kirby side-scroller that wasn't developed by HAL, but instead was developed by Flagship, who previously made some Zelda handheld games. Unlike the previous Kirby game, Kirby Canvas Curse, which used the touch screen throughout the whole game, this game is a standard Kirby experience.


The game is very similar to the previous Kirby sidescrollers. Similar to Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards, you can mix Copy Abilities. Unlike the aforementioned game and Kirby Star Allies, there are very few fusion abilities. Below is a list of them.


It's another day in Dream Land and Kirby is about to enjoy a picnic with a strawberry shortcake. Suddenly, something very quickly snatches his cake, and Kirby, seeing that his cake is gone, thinks for a moment. Suddenly, he realizes that his rival, King Dedede, has stolen his cake, and rushes off to punish him once more and get his cake back. Along the way, he finds some treasures, and also meets up with the gang of thieves known as the Squeak Squad, who turn out to be after those treasures. After Kirby makes it to Dedede's castle and defeats Dedede, the Squeak Squad takes them by surprise and steals the treasure from Dedede, which they consider as the treasure that "grants you the ultimate power". The Squeaks attempt to run off with the treasure, but a furious King Dedede grabs Kirby and throws him at the Squeak Squad, knocking all of them into a large pit (which seemingly appears out of nowhere). From there, it's up to Kirby to defeat the Squeaks no matter what it takes, beat them to the treasures they're after, and get his shortcake back!


  • Fire Sword - Fire + Sword
  • Ice Sword - Ice + Sword
  • Thunder Sword - Spark + Sword
  • Ice Bomb - Ice + Bomb
  • Thunder Bomb - Spark + Bomb






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