Kirby Mass Attack is a 2011 Nintendo DS platformer game developed by HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo. It is the fourth and last Kirby game to be released for the DS.


The plot of the game is that Kirby gets cursed into ten smaller versions of himself.


By using the stylus, the Kirbys follow a star and can gather on enemies and weight puzzles to continue further until defeating Necrodius and pulling himself into one.


A five volume manga of the series, titled Atsumete! Kirby (あつめて!カービィ, Atsumete! Kābī, lit. "Gather! Kirby") was written by Chisato Seki and illustrated by Yumi Tsukirino. It was published in Japan from 2016 by Asahi Production, serialized in the online social networking service based Facebook. In 2016, Atsumete! Kirby ended 2016.three special volumes of the manga came out in Japan called "カービィマスター (Kirby MASTER)" which had all the pages for each manga in color and has brand new stories.


Under the direction of Mari Shirakawa and produced by Masanobu Yamamoto, Kirby Mass Attack was developed out of a desire from HAL Laboratories to integrate new, unique gameplay styles into the Kirby series; thus, focus was shifted away from Copy Abilities, which were typically a core aspect of Kirby games, and focused more on the idea of group management. While the team deeply considered including Copy Abilities as a mechanic, the development team decided to exclude it, after several talks with Nintendo and Senior Producer Kensuke Tanabe, in order to maintain focus on the game's new gameplay ideas, as well as avoid overcomplicating the use of multiple Kirby copies at once. Because of the nature of controlling several Kirby's at once, level design was kept simple in order to require less "athleticism" that is generally utilized in most platforming stages. High scores and collectible medals were used as features so that stages would be given more replayability and challenge, and also because the idea complimented the group management concept.

Despite being released well after the reveal of the Nintendo 3DS, Kirby Mass Attack was still developed on the DS rather than being released on the newer console. According to Shirikawa, this was partially because the game would not have taken extensive advantage of the system's stereoscopic 3D capabilities, meaning that making it for the 3DS would have been pointless.

Kirby Mass Attack was announced and shown at E3 2011. It was released in Japan on August 4, 2011, in North America on September 19, 2011, and in PAL regions in October 2011.


Kirby Mass Attack received "generally favorable" reviews, according to Review aggregator Metacritic. Destructoid said, "Cleverly designed, overwhelmingly cute, and devoted to fun, Kirby Mass Attack is a game that should become part of your handheld library without question." said it was a "brilliant game". In Japan, Famitsu gave it a score of all four nines for a total of 36 out of 40.



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