Kirby Canvas Curse (JP), also called Kirby: Canvas Curse and known in Europe as Kirby: Power Paintbrush, is a platformer game for the Nintendo DS that was initially released in 2005 and the first game in the series to be released for the console. The game features unique touch screen control and fun mini-games. In the game, you must draw rainbow tracks for Kirby to ride on. The farther the track goes, the faster Kirby will go.

If you tap Kirby, he will do a spin attack killing most enemies that he runs into. If you tap an enemy, the enemy will pause, allowing Kirby just to run into him to kill him. This is another Kirby game in which he is a ball, like in the 2015 Wii U sequel Kirby and the Rainbow Curse.


As aforementioned, the to control Kirby, you must use the touch screen and create rainbows, stun enemies, and make Kirby perform a spin attack.

If Kirby manages to perform a spin attack and kills an enemy with a special ability, then Kirby will be able to use the enemy's special ability to his advantage to not only destroy other enemies, but to also solve certain puzzles. Once you gain the enemy's special ability, all you need to do is tap Kirby to use it.

To create a rainbow, you must draw a line in any direction, the farther the rainbow goes, the faster Kirby will travel. With this, you are able to get to higher places, cross gaps, climb up walls, and also solve puzzles.

This function takes the place of the jumping ability in the previous games (rather than jumping to a certain area, all you need to do is create a rainbow path to the above area). The disadvantage of this mechanic is that once you start to draw a rainbow, Kirby's ink supply will rapidly drop. However, it will slowly regain ink.


Like all the Kirby games, this one features unique and exclusive mini-games. These mini-games all use the touch screen in fun ways. One mini-game has you tracing the image as fast as you can to allow Kirby to progress through the level. Others have you drawing lines for Kirby to jump on and make him sling-shot toward blocks to break.

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Artwork from Kirby Canvas Curse appeared as stickers in the Wii video game Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The stickers included Meta Knight Ball and Waddle Dee Ball. Kirby Canvas Curse also appeared in the game's Chronicle.




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