Kirby's Avalanche

"Hi, Waddle Dee! Are you ready?!?"

"Sorry, rules are rules!"

"Pronto Burt you bully, the pleasure will be all mine."

"I don't think so!!"

"I'll breathe in your pathetic bombs and send them right back at you!"

"I feel like some apple pie!"

"Who blocked the path with this boulder?"

"OH!! Hi Kabu, are you ready for a game of avalanche?"

"I'd worry more about cleaning your avalanche skills first."

"Go meddle in someone else's affairs, Squishy, I've got to get to the Dream Fountain."

"To get this far you must have a-MAZE-ing skill Tee hee hee!!"

"Oh, I'm soooo scared"

"Oh, how sweet of yo-"

"Paint Roller, you are the meanest art student I've ever met."

"You are sneaky, but i will not be distracted by your under-handed tactics."

"I thrive at dusk and at dawn! I'll have you two fighting before the day is done."

"You couldn't hit a barn sized lightning rod, Kracko!"

"But i have no sword!?!"

"Welcome King Dedede. And good luck to you too."

"Hi!" - Kirby's Avalanche Ending

Super Smash Bros. series

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"Falcon.. Punch!"

"PK Fire!"

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