Kirby's Star Stacker (known in Japan as Kirby no KiraKira Kids, is a video game for the Game Boy and SNES that was released in 1997 for the Game Boy, and in Japan only on the SNES in 1998 and again in 1999.


While it is not the first Kirby puzzle game ever to be released, it is the first one with original gameplay (all of the other Kirby games were remakes of already existing titles.). The objective of the game is to get at least two matching blocks next to each other, thus making it disappear. There are four modes, which includes the VS. multiplayer mode.

Types of blocks

While they aren't exactly blocks, they do act as if they were. Instead of blocks, they are friends of Kirby's, or at least ones that resemble them. The friends include Rick, Hoot, and Kine. The three of them all appeared in Kirby's Dream Land 2, where they would let Kirby ride them.

There are also other types of blocks as well. One of these is the bomb blocks, which will destroy two of the friend blocks (explained above). Hard blocks require you to destroy them twice until they dissapear. And Star Blocks will delete the friend blocks as well, but giving you more points.

Chian system

The chain system is featured in many puzzle games. In this game, you can also get chains. This is how a chain happens - Once you delete blocks, the blocks around it will move, and if a friend block moves next to another friend block of the same character, it will also be deleted. If this happens, Kirby will rain down star blocks to fill up the spaces.

Cast of characters

The following is a list of characters in Kirby's Star Stacker.

Character Information Friend Block
Kirby The star of the game. You control Kirby who is stacking the blocks in the game. When you get a chain, he will sprinkle star blocks on the map. No
Rick the Hamster Kirby's friend from Kirby's Dreamland 2. In that game, he would ride on him. Yes
Coo the Owl Kirby's friend from Kirby's Dream Land series. Yes
Kine the Ocean Sunfish Kirby's fish friend from the Kirby Dream Land series. Yes
King Dedede The main enemy in the game. No



  • The video game was copyright 1997.