Kirby's Pinball Land is a video game for the Game Boy that stars Kirby as the ball. It was developed by HAL and published by Nintendo.



There are three pinball game boards, each one that features one of three popular Kirby bosses. The game plays exactly like a standard pinball game would, just with a Kirby theme. At the end of each level, you must defeat a boss.


There are four bosses in all. You are able to access the last one after you defeat all of the three pinball boards.

The Whispy Woods

This boss game plays like the arcade game Breakout. However, instead of a paddle at the bottom, you use the flippers to launch Kirby up at the blocks. There are two Kirbys on the board for you to keep from falling in the hole below. On the second stage of the boss battle, you must hit the slot machine to either get a push to the top, a tomato that closes the gap, or a warpstar to the bonus round. The final round is where the warpstar is. The boss fight apparently has major lag problems.

The actual boss fight pits you against the large Whispy Woods. He will spit at your flippers to stun them, and toss apples at you.

The Poppy Bros.

This boss fight is a soccer type of game where you try to kick the soccer ball past the goalie to score some points. Like the previous fight, this game also has lag problems.


In this game, a single Kirby is walking above some clouds. You must use the Kirby ball to hit different types of items for the Kirby up top to eat.



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