Kirby's Dream Land 2 is a video game released on the Game Boy, and it is a follow up of Kirby's Dream Land. The game was also the debut of Kirby's friends Rick the Hamster, Coo the Owl, and Kine the Ocean Sunfish, whom he would be able to ride, much like Mario and Yoshi.


Kirby Dream Land 2 plays much like that of its predecessor, Kirby's Dream Land. The interesting addition was the introduction of animal buddies which introduce new types of gameplay. The animal buddies introduced were Rick the Hamster which enables Kirby go faster when riding him and not slip on ice, Coo the Owl who can carry Kirby through the harsh winds and inhale in the air, and Kine the Ocean Sunfish which carries Kirby in his mouth to go though the water, but performs poorly on land and enables inhaling underwater. 



  • Grass Land - As the name suggests, this is a grassy area, and quite simple as well. The boss here is Whispy Woods.
  • Big Forest -
  • Ripple Field -
  • Ice Berg -
  • Red Canyon -
  • Cloudy Park -
  • Dark Castle 0


The rainbow bridge that had connected the Rainbow islands has been stolen by Dark Matter and has possessed king dedede wanting to take over dreamland. Kirby must defeat Dark Matter with his three friends Rick, Kine, and Coo to return the rainbow bridge.


Like Kirby's Dream Land, Kirby's Dream Land 2's visuals are grayscale and two-dimensional. However, when played on the Super Game Boy, there is a special border with Kirby's animal friends, and the graphics are drawn in limited color. For example, each stage has a color theme, such as "Grass Land" being yellowscale, "Big Forest" being greenscale, etc. The world map gets more colors (each "land" is its respective color, and the sky is blue with white clouds. Also, the in-level status bar has its own separate color scheme. Also, the ending sequence has a unique color palette that makes use of as many colors as the Super Game Boy would allow, such as Kirby painting a rainbow. There are some special sound effects added using the Super Nintendo's sound chip as well. On the game start screen, the sound of applause plays; on the stage select screen, gusts of wind blow; and on the final stage, the sound of thunder booming plays.

Unlike the original Kirby's Dream Land, Kirby's Dream Land 2 is composed by both Hirokazu Ando and Tadashi Ikegami, both regular composers for HAL Laboratory.


Kirby's Dream Land 2 sold more than a million units. On release, Famicom Tsūshin scored the Game Boy version of the game a 29 out of 40. Electronic Gaming Monthly's four reviewers had varying reactions to the game, but gave it a unanimous recommendation based chiefly on the solid graphics and the wide variety of abilities which Kirby can acquire. They scored it a 7.625 out of 10. GamePro likewise praised Kirby's many abilities. Though they complained that the game recycles too much content from the original Kirby's Dream Land, they concluded that "While not everything is new in Dream Land 2, everything is definitely fun".

Nintendo Power listed it as the tenth best Game Boy/Game Boy Color video game, praising it for adding the ability to gain new powers by eating enemies. In addition, the game is noted for being one of the hardest games to obtain a completion rating of 100% in the Kirby series.



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