Kirby's Dream Land (JP) is the first title in the Kirby series and the debut of the pink protagonist Kirby. The game was released in 1992 for the Game Boy and was created by series mastermind Masahiro Sakurai, who went on to develop most of the games in the series and other titles such as Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 64.

Kirby possesses the ability to suck in enemies and shoot them out as stars, however, he lacks his Copy Ability from the later titles. The game was intended for people new to gaming, and thus playing its four levels is rather simple.

This game in its entirety, with the exception of Castle Lololo, is included in Kirby Super Star (Kirby's Fun Pack in PAL countries) as Spring Breeze. Kirby's Dream Land was released on the 3DS's Virtual Console in 2011.


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Kirby's Dream Land is a side-scrolling action-platformer. Kirby has the ability to inhale enemies into his mouth and then spit them out to attack other enemies. Certain power-ups temporarily give Kirby new abilities, such as Superspicy Curry which gives Kirby fire breath. By pressing up on the control pad when Kirby doesn't have an enemy in his mouth he can inhale a gulp of air and fly. This can be done indefinitely, however, Kirby cannot inhale enemies while flying. At the end of each level is a boss that must be defeated by inhaling the objects they create and spitting them back at them.


The game, like all the others in the series, takes place in Dream Land, a small country on the planet Pop Star. One night, the selfish King Dedede and his minions ran down from the distant Mt. Dedede and stole all of the Dream Landers' food and their precious Sparkling Stars.

After this occurred, the people became very hungry and dreaded King Dedede for doing such a thing. As they were debating what should be done, a brave little boy named Kirby stepped forward and said, "Don't worry, I'll get your food and your Sparkling Stars back!". And with this, he headed off toward Mt. Dedede.


  • Green Greens
  • Castle Lololo
  • Float Islands
  • Bubbly Clouds
  • Mt.Dedede




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