Kiragi ​is a playable character in Fire Emblem Fates on the Birthright and Revelation ​paths.


Kiragi is the son of Takumi, and the cousin of Shiro. He was left in a Deeprealm much like the other children of Fates to safely protect him during the war.

In his Paralogue, Kiragi returns from a fishing and hunting trip with a huge haul when he hears a sound coming from the forest. After launching an arrow, he hits an invisible invader and is surrounded by them. As luck would have it, Takumi had decided to pay a visit to his son and makes a timely rescue. Kiragi states that he knew that Takumi would show up and merely made sure to stay safe until he could find him. After the battle, Kiragi is amazed by Takumi's performance and praises him for his battle skills. Seeing how fun it was to fight with his father, Kiragi asks to join the army. Though Takumi wants his son to stay out of the war, his son's enthusiasm and Sakura's comment that Kiragi is like his father have Takumi give up and allow Kiragi to join them. Kiragi decides to celebrate by giving the bear he caught to his father so the army can have bear stew for dinner.

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