Kino is a young man in 65,000,000 B.C. in Chrono Trigger.


The Rare Red Rock

Crono and his party meet Kino for the first time at the Meeting Site in Ioka Village during the celebration of the newcomers' arrival.

Kino questions why a party was thrown for outsiders. At first, he seems a bit distant and unfriendly.

Footsteps! Follow!

While Crono and his party slept after the celebration, Kino stole the Gate Key.

When Crono and Ayla found him near the entrance to the Forest Maze, Kino admits stealing the Gate Key from them because he was jealous of Crono. He thought Ayla liked Crono more than him. After an apology, Kino says the Reptites took the Gate Key from him.

Sending Kino back to Ioka Village, Crono and his party travel through the Forest Maze and enter the Reptite Lair.

Upon their return from the Reptite Lair, Kino apologizes again.

Forward to the Past

While Crono's party is resting in Ioka Village, Kino is present when they find out Laruba Village is burning.

Unnatural Selection?

As Crono's party ventures through the Tyrano Lair, they find that Kino has been taken prisoner. After freeing him, Kino later arrives with the Dactyls to rescue the party before the Lair is destroyed.

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