King of the Monsters is a fighting/beat 'em up game by SNK released in 1992 for the SNES. The game uses giant monsters that are reminiscent of Godzilla characters. The Neo-Geo version of the game has been re-released for the Wii Virtual Console and Nintendo Switch Arcade Archives.


Players choose one of six monsters (four in the SNES port) for battle, and two players can join forces to fight the monsters together. Battles end when one of the monsters is pinned for a three count or if time expires (in which case the player loses).

The game consists of 12 total levels (8 in the SNES port) which takes place in 6 cities in a futuristic 1996 Japan. Each city is featured twice with the game beginning and ending in Tokyo. Other cities include Kyoto, Okayama, Osaka, Kobe and Hiroshima. The player first must defeat all six monsters, with the last monster being oneself, but in a different palette. Then the player must defeat the six monsters again, in the same order, but this time in different cities.



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