King Olly (JP), also known by the title of the Origami King, is the titular primary antagonist of Paper Mario: The Origami King. He is the leader of the Folded Soldiers. At the start of the game, King Olly takes over the Mushroom Kingdom with his army. His younger sister, Olivia, opposes him and works with Mario.

When he is confronted the final time, King Olly explains that he conquered the Mushroom Kingdom because he was enraged that his creator, the craftsman, had scribbled on him. After he is defeated, however, King Olly realizes the so-called scribble on his body was meant to make him a benevolent king, leading to his redemption.

Physical Appearance

King Olly has two forms he can shift between. In his humanoid form, King Olly has tan skin, a golden, folded crown, a purple robe, blond hair and spiky limbs. His secondary form depicts him as a Shy Guy, which is yellow like his hair. Some of his appearances in the game show him with a tan stripe of hair, purple skin (like his robe), and glowing eyes to reflect his evil nature.

King Olly seemingly has the power to turn other beings into origami beings, which may be how he created his army of Folded Soldiers in the first place.


King Olly and his sister Olivia have a scarred relationship. While Olivia has respect for other beings, King Olly sees the other beings that are "flimsy" (in his words) as weaker, which convinces him to expand his power.

His most profound allies are the Legion of Stationery, formed by Colored Pencils, Rubber Band, Hole Punch, Scissors, Tape, and Stapler, who were entrusted with guarding the red, blue, yellow, green and purple paper streamers, respectively by King Olly in his quest to conquer the kingdom.

He is also an enemy of Mario (who is working with Olivia to stop what King Olly had done) and King Bowser (whose body King Olly ordered his soldiers to fold up).

Names in other languages

King Olly often has his name translated directly into other languages.

Language Name Origin
Japanese Ōrī-Ō オリー王 Translates as "King Olly"
Español El Rey Olly, El Rey Origamius
  • Genitive: Lís Reyus Ollius, Lís Reyus Origamius
  • Dative: Loy Reye Ólley, Loy Reye Origámey
  • Ablative: Lod Réyed Óllid, Lod Réyed Origámid
Based on his English name.
Portugués O Rei Olly, O Rei Origamios
  • Genitive: Lois Reios Ollios, Lois Reios Origamios
  • Dative: Loi Réiei Óllei, Loi Réiei Origamios
  • Accusative: Ló Reiem Ollem, Ló Reiem Origamios
  • Ablative: Lode Reied Ollid, Lode Reied Origamios
Based on his English name.
Français Le Roi Olly Based on his English name.
Italiano Il Re Olly, Re Origamius
  • Genitive: Lois Regus Ollius, Regus Origamius
  • Dative: Loi Regi Óllei, Regi Origamius
  • Accusative: Lóm Regem Ollim, Regem Origamius
  • Ablative: Lode Réged Óllid, Réged Origamius
Based on his English name.
Korean Orri Wang-ui 올리 왕의 Based on his English name.


  • The fact that King Olly loses his cool over being scrawled on actually has real-life connections: drawing over your origami creations is considered forbidden.