King Guardia XXI is the ruler of the Kingdom of Guardia in 600 A.D. in Chrono Trigger. He is the 21st King of Guardia and the ancestor of King Guardia XXXIII as well as Princess Nadia (also known as Marle).


The Queen Returns

When Crono first meets the King, he is saddened by the situation with his Queen.

The Queen is Gone

After the Queen is rescued and returned to Guardia Castle safely, the King is grateful for the help of Crono and his party.

The Hero Appears

As the war escalates, King Guardia is wounded in the battle against Magus' army. When Crono and his party pay him a visit, the King explains that they had to rely on the "legendary hero" everyone was talking about since Cyrus was nowhere to be found. He tells Crono the "legendary hero" was on the Southwestern continent.

The Masamune!

King Guardia is seen in a flashback sequence. He watches Cyrus leave the castle to fight Magus' army.

The Rainbow Shell

Crono's party meets with King Guardia XXI after the Rainbow Shell has been recovered.

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