King Daltus is one of the King of Hyrule during what is known as the Force Era. In his case, he is the ruler of the kingdom during the events of The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap as well as the father of the Princess Zelda of this time.


Daltus is known to have faced Smith during the Picori Festival in the past. The duel resulted in a draw as both fighters were of equivalent skill and the two men retained a close friendship afterward. Daltus eventually had a child with an unknown woman, this child was the Zelda seen in the game. This Zelda grew up as a childhood friend of the Link of this era as he was born as Smith's grandson.

King Daltus was the one to hold the cremony of the 100th Picori Festival. When Vaati was declared the champion of the festival before revealing his dark intentions once presented with the Picori Blade and the Bound Chest, King Daltus is one of the first to be blown away by Vaati's dark magic. Later Daltus and Smith give Link the task to go to the Minish Woods to save Zelda from Vaati's petrification.

vaati in his search of the Light Force eventually has the idea of imprisoning the King and use his shape-shifting abilities to impersonate the King and order the soldiers to find the Light Force for him. The King is eventually saved from petrification in the jails of Hyrule Castle and reward Link with a Small Key. Like the rest of the castle, he is saved by Zelda's wish at the end of the game.


The Minish Cap Figurine

"The king of Hyrule. Reported to have been a fine swordsman, he appeared in the Picori Festival tournament as a youth and fought to a draw with Smith."

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