King is a playable character in the Art of Fighting and The King of Fighters series.


King is a skilled fighter who earned fame early in her career by defeating a famous Muay Thai champ. For various reasons - such as to hide her true identity, to present herself as a reliable fighter, and other issues with her gender - she made efforts to portray herself as a man to defend herself from the dangers of Southtown. Five years before Art of Fighting takes place, she suffers a humiliating defeat to Jack Turner and his gang. It is unclear of how, but she ends up working for Mr. Big as the bouncer at the L'Amor Restaurant. Her secret is exposed when she is defeated by Ryo Sakazaki, who is searching for his sister Yuri. King agrees to help him save his sister and guides Ryo and Robert to Mr. Big's hideout.

In the following game, she tries to make an honest living, but resurfaces on the streets. She enters the King of Fighters tournament with hopes to win the prize money to pay for a surgery her younger brother needs to gain the use of his legs. In her ending, she is surprised to see Jan walking on his own two feet. Both Ryo and Robert paid for the operation as thanks for her help with finding Yuri.

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