King's Knight is one of the earliest Square published games for the NES. It was initially released in 1986 in Japan, though would come stateside in 1989. In 2007-2008, the game was rereleased on the Wii's Virtual Console under the Square Enix label. It was Square's first foray into the American market, though is sometimes wrongly assumed to be the first Square developed video game (in fact, most sites actually credit Square), when in actuality it was created by little known developer Workss.


In the game, four distinct characters must band together and take down the evil forces in this scrolling shooter. The similarities between this game and Konami's Knightmare are uncanny, though this is probably deliberate because of the aforementioned games' fantastic sales. The game can arguably be considered an RPG, though is not as in-depth as some of Square's later games, notably the Final Fantasy series. And rather than being a turn based video game, it better resembles many popular scrolling shooters at the time.

The playable protagonist will continually move upwards and shoot his arsenal at the enemies and terrain above. The character can plow through almost anything, even large mounds of rocks which can be obliterated by a standard shot. In fact, it's suggested that you do in fact destroy these mountains, as you'll often find power-ups to cloth your characters with such as improved armor and swords.

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