Kindle ​is a CO enlisted in the Black Hole army. She is a new CO in Advance Wars: Dual Strike.


Kindle is the second-in-command of the new Black Hole army, outranking Jugger, Koal, Lash, and even Hawke (as well as Flak and Adder, or so it can be assumed). She first appears after the destruction of the first Black Crystal and Black Arc testing out the new Black Boat unit. She later develops the Oozium, to Lash's distate.

Although she appears to lead the army, she works for an elderly man called Von Bolt. Hawke finds this out at great cost, as Kindle sends a squad of Oozium out to kill him and Lash. They are rescued by the Allied Nations and lead them to the Tower of Rebirth, which Kindle and Jugger defend until its destruction.

Kindle and Koal then defend the first Black Obelisk along with the Black Onyx, but were unsuccesful. Kindle's final battle was on the second front of the final mission, where she defended the three Crystals that defended the Grand Bolt's weak spots.

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