Kiefer is the prince of Estard and best friends with Auster in Dragon Quest VII.


In the beginning of the game, Kiefer has been described with "having a taste for wine, women, and adventure". He hates being in the castle all the time so he and the hero like to go off and explore the forbidden ruins on the island. In contrast, he seems to resent his position as Prince, a feeling that puts him at odds with his father. He can come off as snobbish at times, like in Ballymolloy, he introduces his friends as lackeys. However, he does have a sense of duty when he tells the Hero that they should find the Green Colorstone to heal Hanlon.

When the party meets the nomadic Roamers, Kiefer's attitude changes. He sees Lala and falls in love. He begins to see his destiny with the Roamers.

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