To promote the release of Kid Icarus: Uprising, Nintendo released three anime shorts on the Nintendo Video app for the Nintendo 3DS created by three different Japanese animation studios. Each short focuses on one particular major Kid Icarus character. All three shorts are available on Nintendo eShop.


Thanatos Rising[]

Production I.G's feature stars Pit as the main character, and aired first on Nintendo Video, and contains three parts. This animated short centers on a battle between the heroic angel against Medusa's minions, including the god of death, Thanatos. Unlike the other features, this one is done in CGI, instead of the traditional anime format.

Medusa's Revenge[]

STUDIO 4°C's feature has Medusa as the main character, and aired second on Nintendo Video with only one part. This short film is in Medusa's perspective during her time in the last twenty-five years until the present.

Palutena's Revolting Dinner[]

Shaft's feature has Palutena as the main character, and aired third on Nintendo Video with two parts. The atmosphere of these animated clips are the most light-hearted and comical, as Palutena, Pit, and the Centurions fight the forces of a mischievous army of vegetable monsters that the goddess accidentally created.




  • Interestingly, the mechanical ships illustrated on the poster featuring Thanatos appear to be modelled after the famous Trojan Horse, which was built by humans.