Kevin Woodward

Kevin Woodward.

Kevin Woodward is a man staying in room 219 in the Nintendo DS video game Hotel Dusk: Room 215. Woodward is a surgeon at Robbins Memorial Hospital at Santa Monica. One day he lost a patient in the OR. The family sued him for malpractice. Woodward lost the fight. To pay the money, his wife Grace mysteriously came up with the money. Kevin asked all the time where she got the money, but Grace refused to tell him. Eventually, Grace left Kevin and Kevin and his daughter Mellisa end up here. In Chapter 3, Kevin scolds Melissa. But when he met Kyle Hyde, he remembered something about another man named Kyle Hyde. But, he said that "his memory is playing tricks" on him. But later in Chapter 9, Kevin tells Kyle Hyde that Mila was a patient in Robbins Memorial at Santa Monica. He said that Mila was on a coma for 10 years. And finally, he tells Kyle Hyde that there was another man who had his name and who visited her besides her father.

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