Kevin Keene AKA Captain N is the main character in Captain N: The Game Master. He comes from the human world, Earth, living at his mom's residence in California with his dog (Duke). He wears light blue denim jeans, a yellow shirt and a red Letterman jacket with white sleeves. The Varsity letter "N" on his jacket is for swimming. Kevin's last name is only mentioned before in two episodes.

Captain N: The Game Master

Kevin entered Videoland because he was summoned there by Princess Lana when it was in peril from Mother Brain. He became known as Captain N: The Game Master when he first saved the princess after she was captured. Kevin uses two Nintendo accessories throughout the series: the NES Zapper to shoot at enemies and the Power Pad (a NES Controller-shaped device across a belt, which lets him to temporarily "freeze" time stopping it with the Pause button, allows him to quickly dodge using the Directional arrow keys and leap over objects or give him a speed dash for short distances with the A & B buttons). While the Zapper seems to have endless supply of light shots, it actually connects to his Power Pad, which Kevin uses as a limited source of power. When Gameboy arrives, Kevin uses him as a means to recharge it to full, making him much more capable in their quests. He is most often called Captain N by the other cast members, except Princess Lana who regularly addresses him by his first name. Kevin and Duke met up with the beautiful princess and met heroes from other games: Simon Belmont, Mega Man, and Kid Icarus. They all became fast friends in the first episode and were dubbed the N-Team, with Kevin as their co-leader along with Lana. Although he has fun in Videoland & saving the day, he still longs to return home and live a normal high school childhood.


Kevin is voiced by Matt Hill while Dorian Barag plays him in the "live action" part of the intro.


Kevin appeared in every episode in Captain N. (Note: Lana, Mega Man, Pit, and Duke never appeared in Return to Castlevania.)

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