Developer(s) Poisoft
Publisher(s) Poisoft (JP & KO)
Nintendo (US & PAL)
Platform(s) 3DS platform icon

03ESRB - E  01PEGI 3  01CERO A  01Australian Classification Board - G

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Kersploosh! is a downloadable videogame for Nintendo 3DS released on the Nintendo eShop in 2013. The main idea is that the player will get to experience the insane trip stones take when you throw them down wells.


The player controls a stone (Or a Cannon Ball,Russian Doll,Watermelon,etc.),as it falls down a well. The player must reach the bottom as fast as they can. There are many crazy obstacles you wouldn't expect to see in a well (Such as caving-in pizza,flying doughnuts,and spiral staicases). You must reach the bottom of the well to clear the stage.

Reaching the bottom of a well will unlock additional stones and wells (levels). Prior to each attempt, a back story is told about how each stone/object came to be at the bottom of the well.

The game is heavily reliant on a highscore (time-trial system) and also makes use of StreetPass allowing players to swap scores with each other.


  • Well 1: First Fall - "A simple task to begin. Make your way to the bottom of the well while avoiding the obstacles that block your path.
  • Well 2: Twofold Trail - "There is more than one path to victory. Will you choose the path of speed or the path of safety?"
  • Well 3: Terrible Trios - "A well filled with running water. Obstacles appear before you three by three. But there will always be a way forward!"
  • Well 4: Perilous Pit - "Just as one obstacle is past, the next moves in to taunt you. Can you successfully navigate their ever-shifting patterns?"
  • Well 5: Shadowy Shaft - "Obstacles loom out of the darkness, as blustering winds seek to hold you back. A test of your reflexes and memory."
  • Well 6: Fiery Fissure - "This path to the underworld is lit by searing magma. If you forge carelessly ahead, the bitter taste of rock awaits."
  • Well 7: Brutal Barriers - "The path is blocked at every turn, and the road to victory narrow. Persistence is crucial if you wish to succeed."
  • Well 8: Ensnaring Edges - "Obstacles reach out from all sides to ensnare you in their grasp. Can you outwit them and reach your goal?"
  • Well 9: Dire Descent - "Impatience leads to defeat, good judgement to triumph. Yet on occasion, a show of daring may prove effective."
  • Well 10: Absolute Abyss - "Well shafts are born from people's imagination. So no matter what you find within, it is no cause for surprise."


  • Matryoshka - Unlocked when "Well 4: Perilous Pit" is completed.
  • Wooden Fish - Unlocked when "Well 6: Fiery Fissure" is completed.
  • Watermelon - Unlocked when "Well 7: Brutal Barriers" is completed.
  • Mutagen - Unlocked when "Well 10: Absolute Abyss" is completed.