Kensuke Tanabe
Kensuke Tanabe-0
Born January 26, 1963
Ikeda-city, Osaka-prefecture, Japan
Company Nintendo (since 1986)
Current Position Executive Officer
First game Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic
Latest game Metroid Prime 4

Kensuke Tanabe is an Executive Officer and senior producer at Nintendo and has worked on several games over the years. He primarily works with overseas developers who aren't part of the immediate Nintendo structure such as Next Level Games, Kuju, Nintendo Software Technology in Redmond, Retro Studios, and various others.


Tanabe joined Nintendo in April 1986, where he was in charge of Yume Kojo: Doki Doki Panic (and its eventual conversion Super Mario Bros. 2) as his first project. Later he assisted with course design on Super Mario Bros. 3, as well as scriptwriting in Zelda games and support in several others.

In 2003, he was made Group Manager of Nintendo SPD3. Ever since he has taken over Shigeru Miyamoto's production role on various franchises like Metroid Prime, Donkey Kong, Paper Mario, Chibi-Robo and many others.

Since then, he has been sort of promoted to an Executive Officer in Nintendo SPD, with Keisuke Terasaki being the Deputy Manager of SPD3.

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