Keelhaul Key is a location in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Mario must obtain a Crystal Star there in Chapter 5. It is only accessible by ship, so he has to go there on Flavio's ship along with Pa-Patch, a Bob-omb, a mysterious person named Four-Eyes who is actually Lord Crump in disguise, and some Toads and other Bob-ombs. It is where he obtains his last party member of the game, an old salty Bob-omb sailor named Admiral Bobbery. After defeating the boss there, Cortez, he lends the crew his ship and takes them to or from Keelhaul Key. Don Pianta's daughter, Francesca, and her husband, Franky went there on their honeymoon, but their ship crashed and Mario had to return its passengers back to Rogueport. Mario also has to find Francesca's wedding ring on the island. The island seems to replace Yoshi Village from Paper Mario.

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