Kazunobu Shimizu (also credited as Isshin Shimizu) is a Nintendo designer who has worked mostly on racing games, like the F-Zero series.


Shimizu joined the company in 1986 and initially assisted with design on various titles, until he directed the two Famicom Grand Prix titles, F-1 Race and 3D Hot Rally, on the Famicom Disk System. However, after Nintendo of America criticized the style of the series, he started directing F-Zero on SNES as a futuristic racer, while also working on some of the graphic and course design himself.

He later directed other titles like Top Rank Tennis, Snoopy Concert, Star Wars Episode I: Racer and F-Zero: Maximum Velocity with external companies, although he was also involved as part of the design teams on those titles.

Currently, Shimizu is not usually involved directly in game design anymore, but rather on hardware development with projects like Slide Adventure MAGKID.

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