Katt Monroe is a character in the Star Fox series whom first appeared in the game Star Fox 64 where she had a crush on Falco Lombardi. She later appeared in the game Star Fox Command as a playable character in the Asteroid Belt and Sector X


Katt Monroe was an old friend of Falco's from their days in a rough-neck space gang and had a crush on him, but he pretended not to notice. However, they had a falling out over Falco always coming to her rescue just because she was sweet on him. He left Katt behind one day, telling her "You're a big girl now, Katt. You can handle these things yourself. You don't need me."

Star Fox 64

Katt Monroe helped the Star Fox team in raiding Andross's oil refineries on Zoness, destroying the base on Macbeth, and defending the Great Fox from Copperhead missiles, for she would do anything to see that Andross gets his just deserts. When she was introduced, she knew Falco already and seemed to have had a close relationship with him. Falco's shocked tone at her first appearance indicates that he presumed she was dead. She taunted Falco by sweet-talking Fox, in attempt to make him notice her.

Star Fox Command

Katt made a new appearance in the Star Fox series during the Anglar threat, piloting the customised Cat's Paw II.

  • She made her appearance in missions with Falco in the Asteroid Belt and Sector X. The two had an argument during which Falco insulted her, and Katt vowed to never help him again. Later in the storyline, however, Katt explained that she wanted to help rather than spectate. Her pilot gallery profile disclosed that she secretly wished to join Star Fox to be near Falco.
  • In one ending, she persuades Falco to create a new team, Star Falco, with her and Dash Bowman as teammates.
  • In another story, Katt teams up with Krystal, Lucy Hare, Amanda and ROB 64 to take back Corneria from the Anglar Invasion, while the second Star Fox Team reformed once more to go on two more missions. The four ladies celebrate their victory with a prepared welcome home party for the success of both groups.
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