Kasandra is a Rare Blade in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. She can grant tremendous power to her Drivers, Rex, Nia, Zeke, or Mòrag, and their allies. Kasandra uses the dark element, wields a Shield Hammer, and acts as a Tank in battle. She wears a strange mask behind her head depicting the face of a fox with red eyes. She puts on this mask during her specials, and it seems to be the source of an alter-ego. According to the Greedy Monster information, she was once the Blade of a "Famed Driver" until they were eaten alive, returning Kasandra to her Core Crystal inside the monster's stomach.


Kasandra comes across as a very cheery young Blade, though the mask on the back of her head radiates with a Dark aura. Additionally, during some specials, the mask covers her face and upon coming off, Kasandra acts as if she had no idea what happened. Kasandra considers herself very lucky, making her very unaware of the misfortune she brings to people around her. However, others have noticed this and are very cautious around her.

Blade Specials

  • Lv. 1 - Sentimental Burst - Condense dark ether until it explodes.
  • Lv. 2 - Hidden Emotion - Hit the shield while in the air, and emit a large amount of healing.
  • Lv. 3 - Secret Desire - Enter unconscious state with the mask and draw out your true power.
  • Lv. 4 - Melancholic Break - Offer prayers to your shield, then release a large number of bandages.

Blade Arts

  • Draw Aggro - Draw aggro from enemies in battle.
  • Arts Plus - Boosts power of next Driver Art.

Battle Skills

  • Calamity - Slightly raises aggro every second and increases all attack aggro.
  • Fortune - Absorbs critical damage dealt as HP.
  • Stability - Increases damage dealt from the front.

Field Skills

  • Nopon Wisdom - Lv. 3
  • Agronomy - Lv. 3
  • One Lucky Gal - Lv. 3

Affinity Chart

Favorite Items

  • Item types: Staple Foods, Cosmetics
  • Specific items: Felmeri Fairy Statue, Astrology Made Simple

Given Quest

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