Karina is a playable character in Dragalia Lost. She is a pirate captain who was once a princess, but fled her home country to escape an arranged marriage.

Official Description

A pirate captain who loves freedom as much as the sea. She's stern with her subordinates but also takes good care of them. She loves how the sea allows her to not be tied down, as that was once a problem in her past.

Official Description (Opera Karina)

A pirate captain who loves freedom and the sea. Her courage and boldness are second to none, and in an effort to bring opera to those who have never seen it, she reforms her crew into an opera troupe, and sets sail for distant shores!

Official Profile

Posted by the Dragalia Lost Twitter account on April 16, 2022.[1]

  • Hobbies: Testing her strength
  • Talents: Singing
  • Likes: People with backbone
  • Dislikes: Being restrained