Karin ​is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. She is a fourteen-year-old pegasus knight from Silesse who is searching for the missing Prince Ced.


Karin is imprisoned in Manster alongside Fergus because the imperial army believes that she was helping him attack them. Soon after her release, she finds Ced in a battle against the imperial guards and calls him out for bringing grief to his family. She also receives the Sety Scroll from Ced before they part ways.

In Chapter 6, Karin offers to help Leif's group in their escape from Manster by having her and her pegasus fly everyone out. Later in the game, she can pursuade Ilios to defect from the Friege army. When the two first meet, Karin also teases him by calling him "Olson", an ordinary name that contrasts with his desire for nobility. In Chapter 17A, Karin encounters Misha in battle, and after Misha is captured by Leif's army, Karin convinces her to see the fault in her actions, which in turn leads Misha to join the army.

After the war, Karin remains a Silessean Pegasus Knight, and although she never becomes famous, she remains devoted to her position.