Kaptain Skurvy

Kaptain Skurvy

Kaptain Skurvy was a villain, King K. Rool's counterpart and Klump's older brother in Donkey Kong Country TV series

Physical Appearance

Skurvy most common appearance, as a orange obese Kremling with brown belt, black pirate boots, earring and large black hat with a Kremling head and cross-bones on it.


It their youth, he live in swamp with his family and his father told him legends of his great-great-great grandpappy Quint Skurvy. When his younger brother Klump once played with fireworks, accidentally setting the swamp on fire forcing their family to flee their home. For love of his brother, Skurvy took the blame for the incident and then exiled from the swamp ran off to become a pirate following the great-great-great grandpappy's legacy.

In his pirate work along with Green Kroc & Kutlass, Skurvy steal various riches and discovered that Crystal Coconut is kept from Kongo Bongo Island by his great-great-great grandpappy. But he has two problems, Donkey Kong seizes the coconut becoming future ruler and shares a intense rivalry with K. Rool who also wishes to obtain the Crystal Coconut.

Despite don't honor nothing, only honor that Skuvy has is the pirate oath that anything for the one who rids him of his toothache. DK knock his tooth out and the favor the same asked for was that him give the Crystal Coconut back.

In Kongo Bongo Festival of Lights day, Skurvy decides take advantage that day to steal Crystal Coconut easily. He was shown cold that day, because he believed that can't take back what he lost which is his lost brother and steal the crystal coconut. When DK sing the poem, Skurvy discover which Klump is his lost brother and tell to brother reason for his absence.


  • Kaptain Skurvy is similar you brother in pirate garb from second game and for use the little cannon too.
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