Kanji Sonomama Rakubiki Jiten DS (JP) is a Nintendo DS piece of software released in 2006. Nintendo published the game while first party developer Intelligent Systems created it. The game was never released outside of Japan. The game is a successor to DS Rakuhiki Jiten. Like its predecessor, this includes various different dictionaries including a standard Japanese dictionary, a Japanese-to-English dictionary and an English-to-Japanese dictionary. It includes English pronunciation of words, a history of everything you've searched for in the game, a calendar, calculator, and world clock, as well as a quiz and direct access to Pictochat. The game itself has a similar interface to Pictochat. Unlike the game before it, it accepts Kanji.


As stated above, there are three dictionaries in the game. They include, along with how many entries each one contains:

  • Genius English to Japanese Dictionary 3rd Edition: 95,000 word entries
  • Genius Japanese to English Dictionary 2nd Edition: 82,000 word entries
  • Meikyou Japanese Dictionary: 70,000 word entries

Game & Watch games

You'll be able to play various Game & Watch games by typing their name down in the dictionary. The games that you can play include Manhole, Ball, Flagman, and Judge. All games are played entirely with the Nintendo DS's stylus.

Nintendo terms

Game & Watch games aren't the only Nintendo related things featured in the game. There are certain things that, when you type them in, you'll receive the history of the subject. In all there are five things that you can type in order to get a history on them, and they include: Mario, Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, and Nintendo GameCube.

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