Kamiko is a top-down action game for the Nintendo Switch developed by Skipmore and published by Flyhigh Works. Players can choose between 3 characters across a short campaign.


The game is played similar to the original Legend of Zelda, but is more of an arcade experience with most of the puzzles revolving around sliding blocks onto buttons or carrying orbs across the stage.

Each of the character has a signature weapon but, they use the same general controls. Yamato has a big sword, Uzume wields a bow and Hinome has a dagger and a boomerang shield. They all have a combo that requires pressing the same button enough times.

The main challenge is the enemies which respawn each time the player enters an area. Enemies drop a currency which is used in special attacks and unlocking gates. Once enough gates have been unlocked, the stage boss can be faced which usually involves a gimmick and change forms after taking enough damage.


The player chooses which of the priestesses (called Kamiko) to play as with each getting a different weapon to fight the demons. The Kamiko has to break all the seals on the Torii to reveal the stage boss

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