Kamek's Library is the fourth Game Board in the Story mode of Mario Party DS. It is accesed after the defeat of Dry Bones at DK's Stone Statue. The Boss minigame is Book Bash and the boss is Kamek.


Mario and Co. find a Koopa Troopa sadly wandering. His grandfather, Koopa Krag, was trapped by Kamek in a book. After the crew play the board, Krag is free and he gives the crew the fourth Sky Crystal.


This Board has many features all revolving around Kamek's magic. The Stars are obtained by guessing the right Magic Jar. These jars may be opened for twenty Coins each. One gives you Coins, another gives you the Star, and the third sends you back to the start.

The ? Spaces vary as well. One allows you to clean a picture frame to get 20 coins, another drops you into a Warp Book and warps you away. If you land on the one in front of Kamek's Crystal Ball he will either perform spell 8 or spell 88 which gives you three Halfway Dice and warps your place with another player.


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