Kamek (カメック, Kamekku) was Bowser's guardian and one of the enemies in the past Mushroom Kingdom. His first appearance was in Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island for the SNES, where he kidnapped Baby Luigi and left Baby Mario tumbling down to Yoshi's Island. He later sent out Toadies to search for Baby Mario, who Yoshi already saved. Yoshi protected Baby Mario, and went off to find Baby Luigi and bring the duo to there parents. Even though many might consider him one of the main enemies in the game, he oddly isn't a boss, nor do you ever fight him.

Powers and abilities

Kamek can do various magic techniques that other Magikoopas can't, such as being able to make enemies almost ten times their regular size.


Kamek appeared in many cameos, and enemy appearances in a few games, but when Mario Kart 64 was in development, Kamek was in a few photos as a playable character, but was later replaced by Wario. If he appeared as a playable character in the game, this could have changed how popular he is today.

In Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga there is a Magikoopa named Psycho Kamek, though he acts nothing like Kamek and wears yellow. Since the word Kamek in Japanese is associated with Turtle. It is likely just a translation error.

In the game Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, he appeared as a boss character, and was also together again with Baby Bowser. He has also appeared in games such as Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, and Yoshi's Safari, along with many cameo appearances such as in a few of the Mario Kart Games.

Kamek's first game where he appears as a boss is in the 1996 SNES game Tetris Attack. The game put him as the second to last boss right before the almighty Bowser. In the game, Yoshi and his pals had to beat him by using the puzzle mechanics that were added in the game.

In Super Mario Galaxy, Kamek made a brief cameo appearance in the opening cutscene where he hurled Mario into outer space by using a magic spell to destroy the bridge that Mario was on.

In New Super Mario Bros. Wii, he reappears. In each Koopaling battle in the castles, he'd always use his magic to make a gimmick to make the battle tougher. However, he is the boss in the Fortress of World 8.

Mario Party

He appears as the boss of Kamek's Library in Mario Party DS

He appears as a playable character in Mario Party 9

He also appears as a boss in Mario Party 10

Yoshi's island DS

Kamek arguably plays his biggest role in this game. Though you never fight him he orchestrates the events of the game, and you are constantly trying to stop him from kidnapping the babies. He also quite noticeably runs and instigates the boss battles, as he almost always turns a normal enemy into a huge monster and orders it to attack Yoshi. Except noticeably for Big Guy the Stilted.

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