Kalmar is one of the seven Star Spirits found in Paper Mario. He is the star spirit designated to the Crystal King to guard in his very own Crystal Palace, found in Chapter 7: A Star Spirit on Ice. As his name implies, he is very calm and hates fighting and arguments. His name is also the same as the Swedish city Kalmar, a fact possibly taken into consideration in the game's development when choosing to place him in a very cold area.

When Mario frees Kalmar from the Crystal King, he gives him the ability to use the Up & Away move. Up & Away causes the enemies on the battlefield to turn into stars, which fly into the sky, ending the battle. The move costs two Star Power to use. He later appears along with the rest of the Star Spirits in Star Haven when they give Mario the Star Beam.

In Mario Party 5, Kalmar serves as the guide of the options mode.

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