Kallian Antiqua is a High Entia in Xenoblade Chronicles. Kallian is the prince of the High Entia born to Emperor Sorean Antiqua and First Consort Yumea. He is thus the half-brother of Melia Antiqua via their shared father. Kallian is a support character that helps the party after their meeting for the sake of his sister.

After the death of the Emperor Melia is crowned Empress as he and the emperor had decided together. Since Melia still wants to go avenge her father with the party despite her new responsabilities, Kallian propose to rule as regent for one year until she can return to properly lead her people. It is during that time that Kallian becomes a major actor in the game's story as he forms the Allied Forces with the other world leaders to fight against the Mechons and becomes its de facto leader.



Kallian was born to Yumea and Kallian 151 years before the game as the firstborn prince of the High Entia. Kallian being the son of the first consort is a pure blooded High Entia, which result in the emperor favoring Melia, the Homs/High Entia half-breed born to the second consort, in the succesion to the throne. Kallian being aware of the goal of the High Entia, which is to get rid of their gene that turns them into Telethia when exposed to Ether by breeding with Homs, is suportive of the Emperor's idea and decides to become someone the future Empress could relly on.

Before the Emperor's Death

Kallian is first seen as some sort of adviser for his father, the emperor. Kallian supports his decision to arrest the party to make sure that Shulk's actions are not tainted by the influence of the Monado. Melia protest against the emperor, but he reveals to her that he intends to have her as his successor and that as such they must guarantee that Shulk is not a danger for their people before letting him roam free in the capital. Melia is confused with his decision of making her the crown princess instead of Kallian, but he comes to speak with her and assure her that it was a decision he and the emperor made together and that she is more than able to rule.

Kallian later walks in on Yumea talking to a masked Tyrea, however does not hear what they say. He later go check on the party and discover that the masked High Entia woman is part of a group of assassin that just tried to kill Melia's friend but failed. Alvis who arrived around the same time looks at the assassins' corpses and tells Kallian that they may be members of the Bionite Order. Kallian initially scoffs at this because the Bionite Order is supposed to have disolved centuries ago before remembering the incident earlier, and realizing that his mother may have tried to assassinate the party.

Shulk then tells Kallian that he has foreseen Melia's death at the hands of the assassins and that they need to prevent it. However, he goes against this as Melia went in the High Entia Tomb and "Those who enter the tomb must do so alone." Dunban manages to convince him easily by stating that these rules only apply to the High Entuia and that if they act as "unknowing" outsiders, they could save his sister. When the Mechon attack the Eryth Sea and that the emperor goes to Prison Island to use Zanza as a weapon against them, Kallian is seen alongside Alvis away from the fighting but still withnessing Zanza's power.

Uniting the people of Bionis

After the Emperor is killed by Metal Face at Prison Island, Melia is to be crowned Empress, but she wants to follow the party in their quest to revenge. Kallian then appears as the party is leaving and propose to postpone Melia's coronation by a year and have a masked body double to handle her public appearances. She accepts and leaves with the party.

Kllian then starts diplomatic negotiations to form an allied front from Bionis to fight against the Mechon. He is later seen summoning Dickson, Otharon, and Chief Dunga to act as representatives for their people. Otharon is initially reluctant but later accepts. After the party seemingly disapear after their fist confrontation with Yaldabaoth that result in Galahad Fortress blowing up, Kallian decides to have the allied forces launch an attack on Sword Valley as the Mechons are still weakened.

He is then seen directing the Bionis troops at Sword Valley, from where he has positioned his Havres on the front lines, against the recommendations of his advisers. He shares his Havres with Alvis and two guards. After gaining some ground against the Mechon, Alvis points out that they are not actively defending nor attacking, and then reveals that Mechonis is about to awaken, before leaving to join the party. When the Mechonis does begin to move, Kallian immediately orders the retreat of the allied forces back to the Bionis' arm in an attempt to lower casualties.


After Zanza and the Bionis are reawakened after Dickson's betrayal, Zanza dispatch Egil and Meyneth and go to Prison Island where he emits so much Ether that the pure blooded High Entia found in Alcamoth turn into Telethias that start ravaging their surroundings. The party is left inside a crumbing Mechonis and encounter Dickson after managing to escape. Dickson has rallied the newly born Telethia to serve as his army and immediatly attack the party with them. Kallian arrives with the Havres and threaten Dickson with his superior firepower after learning that he is a traitor.

However, Lorithia openly betrays Kallian and begins emitting high frequencies of ether from her Havres. This begins to turn every pure blooded High Entia including Kallian in her surrounding into Telethia. As Kellian is transforming, he manage to resist the control and perform a suicide attack on Lorithia and Dickson allowing the party to escape.

It is later revealed once the party reach the Bionis' Interior that Kallian and the disciples survived the blast. Kallian is now completely under Lorithia's control who kisses him to taunt the party. She then merges her body with him and attacks the party. When they are defeated, Melia and Kallian reunite in the midst of a bright white light. He tells her that she is not to blame for the High Entia's downfall, and repeats that Melia is the hope of their species. The bright light fades back and condenses into the Telethia making it explode into light.

Kallian is then visible to Melia, hovering where the Telethia was, and he expresses happiness at the prospect of being reunited with his father again and tells Melia that she must now live on for herself. Then the radiant light surrounding him vanishes. Riki is the only other to hear Kallian's final words, but could not see him. It is not explained but in other occasions, Riki has hinted that he could hear ghosts so this could be just one of his talents.

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