This character has been named under Eastern Slavic Naming Customs The patronym is Mikhailovna and the family name is Cossack
Kalinka Cossack

Kalinka Mikhailovna Cossack(JP)(RU)was the daughter of Dr. Cossack in Mega Man 4. She was held captive by Dr. Wily. She was usually skilled in playing the piano


After the defeat of Gamma in Mega Man 3, Dr. Wily reprogrammed Dr. Cossack's robots and captured Kalinka. Later, Dr. Cossack has gone mad and uses his new invention, the Cossack Catcher. Later, after the destruction of Cossack's machine, Kalinka warns Mega Man to not kill her father. Proto Man later reunited her to Dr. Cossack.

Other appearances

In the Jigsaw Puzzle, Rockman 10 years, Kalinka is in the crowd, along with Mega Man, Rush, Dr. Light, Dr. Wily, Reggae, Tango, Beat, Yamato Man, VAN Pookin, Mad Grinder, Quint, Enker, Ballade, Punk, Pharaoh Man, Mecha Dragon and more.

Kalinka will hold a banner with Roll if one character finishes Tournament mode in Mega Man Soccer.

Other media

  1. In the manga series, Kalinka only appeared in Rockman Gigamix.


  • Kalinka's Middle initial is Mikhailovna, due to Eastern Slavic Naming Customs, after his father, Mikhail Sergeyevich Cossack
  • A similar character from the Street Fighter Franchise, Kolin was known as Helen
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