Kain in the FFIV SNES version.

Kain Highwind is a playable character in Final Fantasy IV and Final Fantasy IV: The After Years. He is a blond haired Dragoon in service to the King of Baron, and also Cecil and Rosa's friend and adoptive older brother by one year. He wields spears primarily although he can wield axes, daggers, swords instead of a spear also. He is a Heavy Armor class, and can wear armor, helmets, gloves, and shields also.


As a Dragoon, Kain is experienced in aerial combat and can perform a powerful Jump attack. This allows him a defensive advantage as well he can't be the target of spells or attacks while in the air, although he can't be apart of healing or group status buffs either while airborne.

Kain's sprite animation for magic

Like Cecil, he does not wield any magic, although there is a .gif of him within the SNES cartridge and he is able to within After Years. He is highly susceptible to influence and follows Cecil as long as he has a plan.


Kain hides his feelings for Rosa Farrell, so not to hurt his relationships with Cecil and Rosa, who are a couple. He is a loyal friend, although his feelings can lead him to betray others like his king when he became greedy for the crystals.

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