Kaiju Ghost is a boss in Luigi's Mansion 3. This boss is a ghost wearing a monster costume in a similar vain to Kaiju films like Godzilla. Luigi fights it on the eighth floor, the Paranormal Productions studio, to satisfy Director Morty.


The fight takes place in a miniature city film set with the Kaiju Ghost tearing through building. Luigi screams when he sees him, but he holds his guard.The Kaiju Ghost attacks with a slow moving fire bubble and is unaffected by Luigi's normal attacks. He can be damaged if Luigi uses his Poltergust G-00 to push the fire that Godzilla breathes from his mouth to attack the boss and knock him over. Once he takes three hits from his own flames, the Kaiju Ghost turns into a Gooper. In his second form, the Kaiju Ghost has 100 hit points. Director Morty remains true to the promise he made and relinquishes his elevator button to Luigi, allowing the green-clad hero to continue to the ninth floor.

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