These are quotes said by Kagero.

Fire Emblem Fates

My Castle

  • "I'm feeling in top shape. Now to keep that way until the next battle." — Kagero
  • "I can never find accessories that suit me, but maybe you'll have better luck. Let's see." — Kagero
  • "Hrm, it seems nothing here is suitable for me." — Kagero
  • "Ninja birthdays are secret! How did you discover it? I am grateful, just the same..." — Kagero

Battle quotes

  • "Lord Ryoma, I'm so glad to see you're alive! [...] Lord/Lady Corrin is not leading an army of enemies, milord. He/she can't go into detail yet, but... I feel that he/she knows something. [...] I...will defeat the real enemy and seek out the truth." — Kagero

Paired battle quotes

  • "I am prepared." — Kagero
  • "This is what we've trained for." — Kagero
  • "I can help!" — Kagero
  • "Easy target!" — Kagero
  • "Not fast enough!" — Kagero


  • "Hmph. Simple enough." — Kagero
  • "No contest!" — Kagero
  • "Alright." — Kagero
  • "Rest well." — Kagero
  • "I apologize." — Kagero
  • "I'm in your debt." — Kagero, if her partner defeated an enemy.
  • "Fine execution!" — Kagero, if her partner defeated an enemy.


  • "I failed...again." — Kagero
  • "Embarassing. I must retreat for now and consider what went wrong." — Kagero

Fire Emblem Heroes


  • "I am Kagero, a ninja from Hoshido. You have a mission for me? Then I will serve you from the shadows." — Kagero


  • "I've come on a mission from [Friend]. Basically, it's to say hello. That done, I'll be on my way." — Kagero


  • "The royals of this realm seem to employ no retainers. I find that... interesting. Both Hoshido and Nohr use them to safeguard royals. Are they that able to defend themselves here?" — Kagero
  • "My liege is Lord Ryoma, a noble leader, strong in spirit and body. It is my honor to serve him." — Kagero
  • "You are so dutiful. I would be glad to prepare a tea ceremony for you. You'll find it relaxing. I prefer to use green tea, though mine tends to be bitter. It goes with sweet treats nicely, however." — Kagero
  • "You're also new here. You'll want to remember everything from these days when all seems unusual. I find that keeping a diary helps one preserve memories—especially if you draw pictures too." — Kagero
  • "I draw pictures of the local scenery in my diary. I'm afraid that they look a bit hellish. It's...just how I draw." — Kagero

Character Page

  • FEH Icon (Rarity 4) "Hmm." — Kagero
    Kagero Character Page1 (EN)
  • FEH Icon (Rarity 4) "Have you known many ninja? We are a...unique breed." — Kagero
    Kagero Character Page2 (EN)
  • FEH Icon (Rarity 4) "I always carry out my mission. No matter how grave the stakes." — Kagero
    Kagero Character Page3 (EN)
  • FEH Icon (Rarity 4) "I value activities that require quiet and focus. Flower arranging. Tea ceremonies." — Kagero
    Kagero Character Page4 (EN)
  • FEH Icon (Rarity 4) "My paintings, my flower arrangements... I'm afraid they're not to everyone's taste." — Kagero
    Kagero Character Page5 (EN)
  • FEH Icon (Rarity 4) "A ninja should remain in shadow. Until she is summoned." — Kagero
    Kagero Character Page6 (EN)
  • FEH Rarity Star "Where is Lord Ryoma? I have a duty to protect him!" — Kagero
    Kagero Character Page7 (EN)
  • FEH Rarity Star "I am often nowhere to be seen in times of war. That's when I'm doing work." — Kagero
    Kagero Character Page8 (EN)

Leveling up

  • "(+0, +1 Points) "Less than I'd like..." — Kagero
  • "(+2, +3 Points) "Good enough." — Kagero
  • "(+4, +5 Points) "A ninja shows no emotion. Not even joy." — Kagero

Learning Skills

  • "I'll make greater gains with this power. I thank you." — Kagero


  • "Hmm?" — Kagero
    Kagero Turn Action1 EN
  • "Say the word." — Kagero
    Kagero Turn Action2 EN
  • "Let's go." — Kagero
    Kagero Turn Action3 EN


  • Kagero Attack1 EN
  • Kagero Attack2 EN


  • Kagero Damage1 EN
  • Kagero Damage2 EN

Special Skill

  • "You have breathed your last." — Kagero
    Kagero Special Skill1 EN
  • "You are already dead." — Kagero
    Kagero Special Skill2 EN
  • "I'll finish this." — Kagero
    Kagero Special Skill3 EN
  • "Absolute annihilation!" — Kagero
    Kagero Special Skill4 EN


  • "Defeated..." — Kagero
    Kagero Death EN


  • "I've been doing flower arrangements from whatever I can find in this world. Here's my latest creation. What do you think of it? Ah. It looks like something from a hellscape? Well, I appreciate your honesty. Curious to think how I'd have never been able to work with these flowers had I not come to this world. In a way, you have played a large part in the creation of this flower arrangement. I can thank you for many things, and most of all, that every one of us remains safe. So I vow to keep you safe, no matter what dread events come to pass, [Summoner]." — Kagero
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