KAOS was a mechanical puppet created by King K. Rool which same use to restore the Kremling Krew during the Donkey Kong Country 3: Dixie Kong's Double Trouble!.


KAOS is a large green jet-propelled robot with two square holes in corners, three lights, reel-to-reel and hazard stripes. KAOS have three heads, for example: first head is the helmet, second is alike the human head with sunglass and last head is cylinder with red eyes.


During the events of third game, KAOS is created by K. Rool (as Baron K. Roolenstein) months ago with all pots and pans of his wife with intentions of restore the Kremling Krew, revenge against Kong Family and rule DK Isles. But he needed a brain, so K. Rool capture Donkey Kong and Diddy and use cerebral energy of both.

In Mekanos where Kremling remnants stay, KAOS (under control of K. Rool) is sent from there to lead starting with Banana Birds imprisonment and conquer lands naming from Northern Kremisphere.

He meets with Dixie and Kiddy Kong for first time in Mekanos where battle begins. KAOS try roast the Kongs with rocket fire in soil and firing lasers by first head, but is stepped in head by Kongs numerous times when try push them with boxing gloves to avoid which same climb in his blades. Defeated, he runs away from factory and first head is destroyed taking off the second ski.

His last meet with the pair was in KAOS Kore, he try uses rocket fire again and launch missles by his true head, but is completely damaged with barrels making falls in ground and taken him into the air by crane hook. After this battle, is discovered by pair that KAOS was controlled by K. Rool.

After that his creator is defeated, DK and Diddy appear climb out of KAOS's shell revealing that were used as power sources.

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