Just Dance is a rhythm game for the Wii. It has been developed by Ubisoft sub-divisions and released exclusively to the Wii system in 2009. The title is based on Lady Gaga's song of the same name. Just Dance was a major success, selling 4.3 million copies, becoming the second best selling Wii game from a third-party company, only behind its sequel, Just Dance 2.


Just Dance's gameplay is simple, the objective of the game is to mimic the dancer on screen, using the Wii Remote to do the same movements as does the dancer does. The main mode, Quick Play, is the best mode if you're playing alone. Simply play the game as you normally would. The game has three different challenge modes each involving dancing against other players or by yourself, and obtaining points depending on your placement. "Normal", where the player simply picks one song and dances, "Last One Standing", where the player takes doesn't scores many points or makes too many mistakes is eliminated and the last one standing wins and "Strike a Pose" mode, where the players start or stop dancing as dictated by the on-screen dancer. There is also a "Practice" mode, where the player trains the songs without keeping score.

Track listing

  1. A Little Less Conversation
  2. Acceptable in the 80s
  3. Bebe
  4. Can't Get You Out of My Head
  5. Cotton-Eyed Joe
  6. Dare
  7. Eye of the Tiger
  8. Fame
  9. Funplex (CSS Remix)
  10. Girls & Boys
  11. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
  12. Groove is in the Heart
  13. Heart of Glass
  14. Hot 'n' Cold
  15. I Get Around
  16. I Like to Move It (Radio Mix)
  17. Jerk It Out
  18. Jin-Go-Lo-Ba
  19. Kids in America
  20. Le Freak
  21. Louie Louie
  22. Lump
  23. Mashed Potato Time
  24. Pump Up the Jam
  25. Ring My Bell
  26. Step by Step
  27. Surfin' Bird
  28. That's The Way (I Like It)
  29. U Can't Touch This
  30. Wannabe
  31. Who Let the Dogs Out?
  32. Womanizer


  • This is the only Just Dance game where achieveing over 20000 points is possible by normal means.


The game had negative reviews from critics, the current score for the game on Metacritic is 49/100, however despite the bad review score, the game's sales were above as expected according to Ubisoft, saying that the sales were "overwhelming", the game sold 4.3 million copies, which led Ubisoft to make a sequel, called Just Dance 2.

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