Jurassic Park is a video game released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1993. It is loosely based on the popular film of the same name. There are also NES and Game Boy versions.

Unlike the other versions, the Super NES game had first-person 3-D style graphics when the character entered buildings. The graphics gave those levels a more chilling realism than the rest of the game.

The SNES Mouse was also utilized. It was an optional peripheral, but not required.


The player takes control of Alan Grant. As he travels through the Park, he completes objectives trying to restore order. Along the journey, Grant collects weapons, health, dinosaur eggs, Park staff identification cards, and either fights or avoids dinosaurs.


JP raptor nublar utility shed

The aforementioned 1st person perspective mode.

John Hammond and InGen successfully clone dinosaurs from prehistoric DNA. Over time, they build a theme park, named "Jurassic Park", on an island off the coast of Costa Rica showcasing these dinosaurs. But when a disgruntled employee shuts off the power to the fences in the Park, the dinosaurs escape the fences and have free-reign. The remaining people on the island struggle to survive the chaos. One of those people, Alan Grant, is an expert on dinosaurs and sets out to restore order and get everyone off the island.

JP opening shot

Your adventure begins.

The game begins with Grant at the Park gate. The first objective is to head south to the Nublar Utility Shed to turn on the power generators. After that, other tasks need to be completed in order to get the Park up and running and get everyone to safety.


There are a number of objectives required to finish the game:

  • Collect the velociraptor eggs (there are 18 eggs in total)
  • Contact the ship to keep it in the harbor
  • Kill all of the dinosaurs on the ship
  • Turn on the power
  • Reboot the computers
  • Find out how the velociraptors are entering the Visitor's Center and stop them
  • Destroy the velociraptors' nest
  • Call in a helicopter

These objectives (not necessarily in the order listed) must all be completed in order to escape the island via helicopter and complete the game.

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